Transport & Special Mission

  • C-130 Hercules

    C-130 Hercules

    This sturdy aircraft entered service in the 1950s. Designed for troop, medevac and cargo transport, this versatile airframe has seen multiple…

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  • E-2 Hawkeye

    E-2 Hawkeye

    The E-2 Airborne Early Warning (AEW) platform first entered service in 1964 and has seen multiple variants and upgrades as…

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  • P-3C Orion

    P-3C Orion

    The P-3 surveillance and ASW platform first entered service in 1962 and has had numerous variants and upgrades.  The P-3C…

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  • Kawasaki P-1

    Kawasaki P-1

    The Kawasaki P-1 was designed as a maritime patrol aircraft and first entered service in Japan in 2013. Hexadyne sources…

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  • C-2 Military Transport

    C-2 Military Transport

    Kawasaki Heavy Industries developed the C-2 as military transport aircraft for the Japan Air Self Defense Force. Hexadyne sources a…

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  • KC-767 Tanker Transport

    KC-767 Tanker Transport

    The Boeing KC-767 was developed as a tanker in 2003 and is used by four foreign countries.  Hexadyne sources a…

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  • E767 AWACS

    E767 AWACS

    The E767 AWACS was developed specifically for Japan Air Self Defense Force’s needs and was introduced in 2000.  Hexadyne sources…

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