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Your strategic partner for national defense and first responders


For 30 years, Hexadyne has been supplying aerospace, aircraft and military equipment to allied nations.

Hexadyne is an aerospace and defense supplier providing turn-key business development solutions for the growing international marketplace. Our experts will identify, qualify and carefully track product specific opportunities and obtain current and accurate market intelligence, providing full-charge "door-to-door" logistics.

We provide business and technical translation & interpretation support, conduct direct in-country customer liaison, ensure export compliance and facilitate and expedite licensing processes.

Hexadyne will bridge cultural differences to maximize capture rate and minimize costs.

world class support

for an ever-changing world

Expanding sales into unfamiliar international markets can be a financially treacherous and resource-consuming endeavor without a focused, expert support team. The costs of internally cultivating and maintaining this expertise can dramatically erode a firm's realized profits, even if one is successful in capturing a desired opportunity or market. Hexadyne's staff's capability to fully support our customers in this arena has been proven in the Far East, Mid-East and Europe and this success is being mirrored in markets worldwide. Whether your company offers Aerospace, Aircraft or Defense systems, subsystems or components, Hexadyne can help penetrate worldwide markets at a fraction of the investment required to develop your own international marketing capability.

The following are just a few key areas of service we can offer:

  • 1
    Strategic Business Planning

    International business development is our full-time job, so let the experts take care of your needs! By utilizing Hexadyne as your representative, and allowing us to act as your dedicated international business development team, your managers and staff can focus more directly on the vital tasks of day-to day business.

  • 2
    Bridging Cultural Differences

    This is the single most important area in international business. Hexadyne's staff possesses bi-lingual capability and knowledge of the business and social culture to avoid common mistakes that may impact relations with your customers.

  • 3
    International Liaison

    At Hexadyne, we value our relationships on both sides of the "deal", and take full-charge responsibility for the requisite communication and business exchange between the parties to it. We effectively address the needs of our overseas customers while protecting and nurturing our supplier's interests.

  • 4
    Market Intelligence

    Our international strategic alliances with in-country trading associates and subject matter experts enable us to collect, analyze and filter information separating "SIGNAL" from NOISE. This is a vital part of producing credible market intelligence.

  • 5
    Translations & Interpreter Support

    Hexadyne personnel can provide document translations of technical drawings and sales contracts and can act as technical and business interpreters during marketing forays, program reviews and presentations.

  • 6
    Export Compliance

    Hexadyne ensures that our principal suppliers are protected from all export compliance pitfalls. Dealing with defense export business is complex and has inherent risks, so let the Hexadyne export staff carefully address all State Department, ITAR and Customs requirements to ensure 100% compliance.

  • 7
    Supplier Support & Logistics

    The key to sustaining a consistently profitable business. Hexadyne knows logistics! Our warehousing staff provides an extra layer of QA/QC inspection, warehousing, kit assembly and manages packaging and shipping to the highest professional standards. Our specialists deal daily with purchase contracts, order processing, packing, shipping and tracking, implementing the "one-stop shopping" concept. Your company ships to Hexadyne (a 100% US-owned company) and we will do the rest!